Dusicky 150 135Easter

The Capuchin crypt is closed during the biggest Christian holidays, Easter: April 7–9, 2023.

AdventThe Capuchin crypt is closed

We would like to inform you the Capuchin crypt is closed on February 13–19, 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

AdventTrenck´s Chalice

Only a few authentic monuments survived after František Trenck, who was buried in our tomb. We are very pleased to show you one of them now.

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AdventThe Capuchin crypt on July 22

The Capuchin crypt is open on July 22, 2022, only 1–6 pm due to technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Hrobka open dvorek 150Capuchin balm

In the Capuchin Crypt there you can buy now a tincture made according to an ancient Capuchin recipe from the time of Rudolf II.

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Hrobka open dvorek 150Visiting Trenck in the crypt

When and why did the Capuchin brothers actually open the crypt to the public?

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