Publikace 150The publication about the Capuchin crypt

You can buy a new publication about the Capuchin crypt now in the cashdesk. What´s inside?

First we show you the history of our monastery here in Brno – from its origins to the present. „The Capuchins helped as preachers and confessors not only in Brno but also outside the city. They had a weaving and carpentery workshop, they even made medicines. As for the kitchen, they were not reliant on gifts. They cultivated some corps on their garden and lands and they also loked after the grain.“

„Stanislav Žyla (1876–1957) presided over the Work of Seraphic Love which helped orphans and poor children. Metoděj Frank (1873–1939) renowned for his spiritual service at the Central cementery: he buried especially the poorest who could not afford a decent funeral.“

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The biggest part of publication talks of cause about the crypt. Firstly they were tranferred and reburried here the Capuchins from the first monastery behind the walls. On February 5, 1656, their confreres tranferred them in a solemn ceremony.“

In an exciting stories they are presented the benefactors, who were buried there. In this community there cannot be forgotten the name of František baron Trenck, the famous commander of Pandur corps, adventurer and penitent.

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Last part of the publication dedicates to time when the crypt started to be opened for the alives... to the visitors. It seems to be one Saturday on Fabruary 1872...

By the end of the First World War, Zeno Diviš came to monastery in Brno, one of the Capuchin „who is going to affect the events in the crypt, ane become a custodian and author of the historical first guide. And it was probably him who decoratated the walls of the crypt with skulls and bones“.

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The author of text is Dagmar Smolíková, photomaker is Zuzana Píšková Hrivňáková and the graphic design made by Jana Kloučková Kudrnová.