Rules for the visitors of the Capuchin crypt

The Capuchin crypt including and the courtyard with a fountain is located on private property of the Capuchin Order. All visitors entering the object are obliged to acquaint themselves with the Visitors´ Order and to observe its rules.

1. Entry is only allowed during opening hours with valid ticket. It is requiered the corresponding behavior. Aggressive, loud or otherwise inappropriate behavior is the reason to be guided out without ticket price return.

2. The last entrance is allowded 30 minutes before the end of opening hours (lunch break).

3. All the visitors obey instructions of responsible employees.

4. The teacher or a leader of the guided tour cooperate with the guide to ensure interrupted guide service. In case of any problem, the resolution it is up to this person.

5. The teacher or a leader of the group is responsible for a behavior of every member of the group. He insure the wholeness of the group.

6. All damages caused by inappropriate conduct of visitors (failed observance of provisions included in the Visitors´ Order) will be claimed in compliance with valid regulations of Czech republic.

7. Making a photo is possible only with no flash.

8. Visitors are strictly forbidden to bring any food, drinks, animals and arms in the object, to use alcoholic beverages and other narcotic substances.

9. In all the area of the object there is a strict smoking prohibition.

This document is valid from August 9, 2018.

Mgr. Kateřina Hlouchová
Manager of Capuchin crypt in Brno